Election 2024#

Summary of process#

This is the 2nd election to happen for the ArviZ project. The election process should now be stabilized and described at Council Selection Process.

Process details#

Nominations for the RV Council (April 12th)#

A GitHub issue within the arviz-project repository has been created for nominations to take place: https://github.com/arviz-devs/arviz-project/issues/49

First round election (TBD)#

Around April 26th (and no earlier than that) nominations will close and the first round of the election will start.

Tie breaking election (if necessary) (TBD)#

If necessary, a tie breaking election will be held after the initial one.

Election result (TBD)#

Once the whole process ends, election results will be posted on the same GitHub issue used for nominations and registered here too.